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Our daughter is just so special to us and without you, she would not be where she is today.


Dr. Itzkowitz has provided consultation services to school districts and families throughout New England with the mission of transforming the lives of individuals with differing abilities and their families and facilitating positive relationships between families, schools, and adult service providers.  Dr. Itzkowitz’s consultation services include providing technical assistance, facilitating meetings, conducting professional development activities, evaluating the appropriateness of an individual student’s educational program, and serving as a bridge between school personnel and families.  She provides consultation services to support systems and families so that individuals with disabilities have access to the same opportunities and experiences as individuals without disabilities.  All of these activities are directed so that individuals with differing abilities acquire skills and have a wide array of experiences so that they can move in the direction of their dreams.  Below, you will find some of the services she has provided.  Individual services based upon the outcomes you would like to accomplish are at the heart of her consultation practice. Services can be conducted in person, on site, via phone, and/or Skype. She would be privileged to work with you to design customized consultation practices based upon your desired outcomes.


Professional Services

My vision is to provide professional activities that focus on learning and education provided to individuals with disabilities, family members, teachers (special education and general education), administrators, related services professionals, paraprofessionals, and adult service providers resulting in enhanced quality of life outcomes.

Activities Focusing on Learning and Education Provided To Individuals with Disabilities, Family Members, Teachers (Special Education and General Education), Administrators, Related Services Professionals, Paraprofessionals, and Adult Service Providers Resulting in Enhanced Quality of Life Outcomes

Individual Consultation

Consultation provided around individual students with disabilities to develop appropriate educational programs in the least restrictive environment that result in educational benefit and enhance quality of life.

Individual Evaluations

Independent educational evaluations

Program evaluations

Functional behavioral assessments

Transition assessments

Development of Individualized Education Program (IEPs) and Program Monitoring

Life Coaching

Coaching and Strategies to Promote Self-Advocacy, Self-Determination, Independence, Competence, Social Skills, Resilience, Health and Well-Being Throughout an Individual’s Life Span Provided to Individuals with Disabilities and Family Members

Coaching to Support Personnel to Promote Health and Well-Being

Facilitation of Person-Centered Planning

MAPS (Making Action Plans)

PATH (Planning Alternative Tomorrows with Hope)

COACH (Choosing Options and Accommodations for CHildren)

Transition Planning to Support People To Access their Dreams Including Attending College and Participating in Post-Secondary Education

Problem Solving and Conflict Resolution Grounded in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)

Teaching Coping and Stress Management Skills to Individuals with Disabilities and Their Families

Facilitating MBSR Training with Individuals with Disabilities, Family Members, School Personnel, and Adult Service Personnel

Positive Approaches to Support Individuals with Disabilities who Exhibit Challenging Behavior

Serve as Facilitator To Promote The Health and Well-Being of Individuals with Disabilities and Their Families

Making Information Accessible Around Illness, Health and Well-Being For An Individual With A Disability

Helping to Promote Health and Wellness by Serving as a Bridge Between the Medical Professional and Individuals with Disabilities and Their Families

Group Facilitation and Promoting Leadership